I Want to Follow Jesus
Marilyn Ferguson ©2003

I want to see the Christ child
Who was born among the sheep
Follow in His footsteps
His legacy, to keep.

I want to be His chosen one
How humbled, I would be
To fish with James and Simon
On the Sea of Galilee.

I want to walk on water
Feel His soothing peace
When the waves are all about me
And He calls for them to cease.

I want to stand amongst the crowds
Know His mighty grace
See Him feed the multitudes
Gaze upon His face.

I want to see Him heal the sick
Cause the blind to see
Touch the crippled and the deaf
Cure the leprosy.

I want to sit with Jesus
Beside Him, I would dine
Next to John and Philip
At a very crucial time.

I want to pray with Jesus
Take away the fear
In the garden of Gethsemane
I’ll wipe away His tear.

I want to be with Jesus
As He hangs there up above
On the rugged cross at Calvary
I’ll shelter Him with love.

I want to follow Jesus
When the stone is rolled away
See the eyes of His disciples
As He slowly walks their way.

I want to go with Jesus
His radiant face to see
In a flame of blazing glory
When He returns for me.


©2003 Marilyn Ferguson
Used with permission

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